Talent and experience!

Projet VUE is made up of 12 students from the 54th promotion of mechanical engineering and 15 students from electrical engineering from the Université de Sherbrooke.


The project incorporates several areas of expertise including mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, industrial design as well as marketing. This creates a multidisciplinary team drawing on experience in project management and vehicle construction by involvement in technical groups such as Formula SAE, Génie-Vert and many others.

Mechanical team

Kevin Couture, Coordinator
Pierre-Olivier Généreux, Technical Director
Andrea Caballero, Administrative Director
Francis Gendron, Powertrain Director
Charles Devin, Control Director, Treasurer
Jean-Philippe Fournier, Integration Director
Max Bergeron-Fillion, Powertrain team member [Transmission]
Jacqueline Boisjoli, Powertrain team member [Batteries], Buyer
Julien Lamarche, Powertrain team member [Energy efficiency], Visibility
Martin Beaumont, Integration team member [Steering/Braking]
Jean-Philippe Roy, Integration team member [Suspension], Grants and subventions
Benoit Beaulieu, Integration team member, Sponsorships and Webmaster

Electrical team

Philippe Tessier, Administrative Director, Powertrain team member [Integration]
Jean-François Duval, Technical Director, Integration team member[Onboard computer]
Julien Gélinas, Powertrain Director, Internal communications
Maxime Bédard, Control Director
Simon Arès, Powertrain team member [Batteries]
Arnaud Marchese, Powertrain team member [Batteries]
Samia Faridi, Powertrain team member [Integration], Visibility
Philippe Labonté, Powertrain team member [Powertrain]
Jonathan Lavigne, Powertrain team member [Powertrain]
Mathieu Mc Clure, Powertrain team member [Powertrain], Sponsorships
Sébastien Gagnon, Integration team member [Control]
Eric Lafontaine, Integration team member, Bourses et subventions
Pascal-Frédéric St-Laurent, Integration team member, Bourses et subventions
Alexandre Bolduc, Integration team member, [Interface Human-Machine]
Guillaume Bru, Integration team member [Onboard computer], Webmaster