Welcome to the Pégase project website!

Prototype V1

Developed entirely by students in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sherbrooke, the Pégase project took off on October 8th 2010. The objective of the project is to design and build a human-powered aircraft (HPA) worthy to cover a distance of 200 meters in flight before December 2012.

This project will not only require team members to master the art of aircraft design, but will introduce them to many related areas, such as:

  • Bio-engineering (optimizing the pilot's performance)
  • Fabrication of composite materials
  • Optimization of structural components
  • Aerodynamic effects (ground effect, apparent mass, etc...)

In addition to these numerous challenges, the team decided to use the opportunities provided by this graduation project to encourage elementary and high school students to persevere in higher studies. We think that aviation is a fascinating subject and the realization of a Human Powered Aircraft is a great opportunity to meet high school students and share our passion for aeronautics. Learn more about this important topic in the "Project" section.

The Pégase project is an opportunity to achieve something innovative, inspiring and stimulating. Given the financial and technical challenges that this project represents, your contribution is essential to our success. Without you, our objectives won't be achieved. We invite you to the "Partners" section to get information about the persons who contribute to the realization of this project. We also invite you to contact us for any information request, comments or partnership offers.

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